Monday, 23 March 2015

24 crafts of MOVIE MAKING

In general, everybody knows that the film making team contains 24 departments, each department have their respective tasks. But people think of knowing each one of them very rarely. It is not so important for any others to know about them. But a film maker or a person who is interested in making have to know about these 24 crafts very clearly.

Now, let us first have a clear view on all the film making crafts.

  • Direction Department
  • Cinematography
  • Stunt Direction
  • Choreography
  • Art Direction
  • Music
  • Editing
  • Cast
  • Dubbing Artist
  • Photography (Still)
  • Script
  • Production Executive
  • Makeup
  • Costume Designing
  • Publicity Designing
  • Audiography
  • Outdoor Lightmen
  • Studio Workers
  • Production Assistance
  • Cinema Drivers
  • Junior Artist Agent
  • Technical unit 
  • Production Women
  • Junior Artist

The above mentioned list gives a clear picture of the team which struggles a lot for making out a cinema.

Now, let us have a clear picture about them each.

    Direction Department    

As everybody knows, director is the captain of the ship. The direction department involves a team of assistant directors, associate directors lead by a main director. The direction department is responsible for the whole making of the film. Director must handle all the people of all the other crafts and make them to work and extract what he wants from them.


Camera department plays a very crucial role in the making of a film. Without the best quality in the camera work, any movie would be dull to look. Even if the direction part and the script work is too good, if the camera work is not done well, the project may not be perfect to look and the viewer can't enjoy it. Cinematography is next to the direction team.

    Stunt Direction    

Stunt direction involves the fights in the movie. If the fights are properly composed and directed, the action sequences of the movie will add a plus point. Especially in action films, the role of stunt direction will be really high. This department even includes the stunt artists.


Choreography is nothing but composing dance for the songs. Music plays an important role in the film. Good songs in the films are the best assets for the movie. They really lifts up the expectations of the project. But, if those songs are not choreographed well, it ultimately leads to the audience disappointment. Choreography team includes assistant choreographers and dancers.

    Art Direction    

The glamour of the film is entirely dependent on the work of the Art department. Art direction is responsible for the set designing, the colors of the location etc. This department must have a very close understanding with the director to meet his ideology.


Music is the heart of the film. This team includes instrument players lead by a music director composing songs and music for the film according to the taste of the director and the situations of the film.


Editing is the most important task in the post production. All the rushes which were shot will be sent to the editing studio for cutting, joining, color grading and VFX works ( VFX means the visual effects which includes special effects, graphics, wire removing etc). This is the key factor of the movie in technical side. Editing is not done by a 


This is the on screen section. The director or the cast director first chooses the cast/actors for all the characters of the movie. Cast includes all the main starring of the film like hero, heroine and character artists.

    Dubbing Artists    

All the artists may not say their own dubbing. So, dubbing artists give their voice in substitute with the character's voice in the film.

    Photography (stills)     

Still photography is another important factor. For the film promotion, different types of promotional items like posters, images will be used. Still photography performs this task.


Script is the real hero of the film. This is the initiative step for the entire project. All the departments will work according to the requirements of the script. If the script is not written properly, all the cost and hard work of the entire team may be in vein. 

    Production Executive    

This is the capital section. Producer puts the money for the film and he also supervises the making at each and every step. He is the soul responsible for the loss or gain of the revenue for the film.


Makeup men works their level best in designing and modulating the appearance of the cast and crew in such a way that they suits best for their character in front of camera.

    Costume Designing    

They designs and prepares clothing for the cast. Generally, an efficient film production uses the best designers who are particularly trained in this fashion designing field for designing the dresses for the cast.

    Publicity Designing    

Publicity plays a very peak role in the bringing the movie before the audience. This field in turn have number of peoples like poster designers, publishers, online promoters etc.


Audiography involves 3 sections. They are dubbing, re recording and sound effects. The music director and the sound engineer works together for this task in order to get the best output which carries the involvement of audience from starting to the end.

    Outdoor Lightmen    

This outdoor unit involves number of men for the arrangement of lights and their equipment. This involves a lot of men and machinery work.

    Studio Workers    

Studio works are the people who work manually under the guidance of the art director. This wing involves the moulders, painters, carpenters, electricians etc.

    Production Assistants    

These involves the set boys who work as the helpers in various wings. They does all the tiny works which is helpful for the set. They are also called as set assistants.

    Cinema Drivers    

They are the vehicle operators who also looks after the generators and the other equipment in the shooting van.

    Junior Artists Agents    

They are also known as coordinators. They contains the contacts of junior artists. If a production requires any number of artists, these coordinators will arrange those many number of artists to that production.

    Outdoor Unit Technicians    

These involves all the other people who works for outdoor shooting like electricians, camera assistants, security etc.

    Production Women    

They are also known as cleaners. They perform all the cleaning tasks in the sets.

    Junior Artists    

Apart from the main cast of the film, all the other artists who appear on the screen are the junior artists. They don't have much weight in the film. They appears for  hardly few scenes of the film and that too without any specific importance with the story.